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VFI Testimonials

Shri A.N.Roy (IPS) Director General of Police, Maharashtra, India.

Vision Foundation of India (VFI) does lot of charitable, philanthropic works in terms of helping poor people for all kind of eye problems. Vision Foundation of India and Mumbai police has a close association. Under the 'Police Jyoti' program Vision Foundation of India team goes to all police stations to conduct eye camps and provide treatment to police personnel free of charge which include all procedure of examination and surgery

Shri Milind Deora Member of Parliament, India.

I think wherever there is a need whether people suffering from cataract or basic eye sight related problem Vision Foundation of India will always have a key role to play. I am happy to know that they have taken upon themselves to move in some remote areas, remote district, and remote state where problem is far more acute and where perhaps goal is ignored. This is a commendable task and I praise the entire team for taking upon this effort.

Shri Nana Chudasama Chairman, GIANTS International, Ex-Sheriff, Mumbai.  

I have not seen any kind of organization doing this kind of work. I appreciate their mobile clinic ( Van) which is fitted with all kind of equipment for complete eye checkup, they takes to slums because the poor people require this treatment and Dr. Kulin Kothari is dedicated and best